Provide customized training platform & integrated networking opportunities

The Association of Black Travel Professionals (ABTP) was established as the premier organization focused on the development, growth and certification of Black Travel Professionals 

Giving exposure to all aspects of the travel industry

Through our motto Excellence, Expertise and Culture, our aim is to raise the profile and talent base within the Black travel community through a customized training platform along with integrated networking opportunities which give exposure to all aspects of the travel industry. 

Customer focused
Value oriented
Quality obsessed
People centric
What we do

We provide customized training, networking opportunities and advocate for equal opportunities.


We want to make sure you are able to excel in all aspects of your business.


We offer quality services with the best possible performance from our professional staff


Through extensive experience and broad expertise we offer a variety of training and tools to grow your business.


We guarantee a professional and competent response when we deliver our purpose


We advocate for opportunities and other resources that are traditionally withheld from agents of color.


We always guarantee a good quality on to ensure clients' satisfaction

Our Partners

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Continuing, Professional Education

We host seminars and workshops throughout the year in addition to the Annual Travel Conference and Tradeshow; the first of it’s kind in the industry highlighting the success of travel professionals of color and travel industry companies.

Passion is what drives us

As a travel industry professional, you can look to ABTP as a trusted sources of advice

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Our Mission

To connect expertise with opportunity, energy, enthusiasm & authority

Often underestimated, we wish to demonstrate the impact of the spending power Black travel professionals bring to the travel industry. Our mission at ABTP is connecting expertise with opportunity, energy, enthusiasm, and authority.

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Create a resource for industry suppliers to access a vetted talent pool
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