Support. Eduate. Advocate

The Association of Black Travel Professionals (ABTP) was established as the premier organization focused on the development, growth and certification of Black Travel Professionals. Through our motto Support. Educate, and Advocate, our aim is to raise the profile and talent base within the Black travel community through a customized training platform along with integrated networking opportunities which give exposure to all aspects of the travel industry. 

Often underestimated, we wish to demonstrate the impact of the spending power Black travel professionals bring to the travel industry by creating a resource for industry suppliers to access a vetted talent pool and tap into our membership to increase Leadership and Recognition


The Association of Black Travel Professionals (ABTP) supports travel professionals through professional development, networking and educational opportunities.  

Our members include inviduals and companies that provide goods and services to the travel industry to include, travel agents, hotel and resorts, transportation companies, event planners and much more.  ABTP strives to provide its members with the resources they need to ensure continued growth and success.

As a travel industry professional, you can look to ABTP as a trusted sources of advice, research, and to be a spokesperson for the travel industry.  Our members can consider ABTP as their professional home. We welcome you to join our community of colleagues.

Our Goals

Connecting expertise with opportunity, energy, enthusiasm, and authority.

Training and Certification

Offer an industry recognized training and certification program.


Increase the number and profile of Black travel professionals in Leadership roles within the travel industry.


Launch ABTP industry accredited travel professional number.


Launch the first Awards Gala to recognize top professionals of color and highlight companies succeeding in diversity in the travel industry.